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Vatican City is a must while traveling to Rome and is clearly one of the most important attractions of the Eternal City and also one of the most important Catholic and Christianity center in the world.

With more than 5 million visitors each year, Vatican is Rome’s most visited place all time and in generally the waiting for buying tickets and the security checks can arrive even to 3 hours in high season and peak hours. By buying our Vatican Skip The Line Tickets, you will have the possibility to jump the massive waiting lines in order to enter in the Vatican City Museums, Sistine Chapel, and Saint Peter’s Basilica.

  • Entry Fees Included
  • Assistance on the spot
  • Fast Track Tickets
Adults ( 18+ years )32 €
Children ( 7 – 18 years )24 €
Children ( – 7 years )Free
From 09:00 AM – 14:00 PMDaily
Each Last Sunday of MonthCLOSED
  • Vatican Museums
  • Sistine Chapel
  • Saint Peter’s Basilica

NOTICE: Due to the security checks that are mandatory for any traveler willing to visit the Vatican City, even the visitors with fast track access might still be required to wait 15 to 45 minutes to get inside..

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