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  • Headsets Included
  • Tour Duration: 1.5 Hours
  • Live Tour Guide
  • Activity Effort: Moderate

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skip the line into the Colosseum and visit also the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill
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Explore the Ancient Rome and enter all the popular attractions with an expert tour guide,  skipping all the long lines. Visit one of the world’s most famous monument, the Colosseum, and hear about the gladiatorial fights and public spectacles that took place in the arena.

After your Skip the Line Colosseum Tour we will walk with the tour guide around the Palatine Hill which was the home of the high society in the early Roman days. Follow the footsteps of ancient Romans along Via Sacra in the Roman Forum, the political and cultural center back in those

The Colosseum is the most extant edifice of ancient Rome, and every tourist visiting Rome clamors to visit the immortal amphitheater. A visit to the Eternal Rome is not complete without a tour of the Colosseum, and because of this, there is always a visit line so long it may take up to 3 hours to get in. Why spend that much time on a tour line, when you can get in immediately and spend the same amount of time enjoying a tour of the Colosseum?

Gladiator Tours will help you to skip the long queues and get you right into the Colosseum in a couple of minutes. And, what's more, you'll also get the opportunity to immerse yourself fully into the life of the ancient Romans with an additional tour of the Palatine Hill, and an exploration of the Roman Forum.

What's included

  • Skip the Line Access
  • All fees included
  • Live Tour Guide
  • Colosseum
  • Roman Forum
  • Palatine Hill


Large group or you need a private tour?
Adults ( 18+ years ) 35 €
Children ( 7 - 18 years ) 23 €
Children ( - 7 years ) Free
European Students 31 €
From 10:30 - to 16:00 Daily
Each 1st Sunday of the month CLOSED
1st Jan, 1st May, 25th December CLOSED

Are you looking to visit one of the most iconic establishments in Rome? Then you definitely have to check out the Colosseum. This amazing ancient arena offers you astonishing history and some really distinct experiences that you just can’t find anywhere else. If you are a fan of history, this is the tour that you do not want to miss.

Explore the Roman Forum

After skip the line tour for the Colosseum and the Palatine Hill, we’ll move on to downtown Ancient Rome, which is also known as the Roman Forum, where you can explore the ancient ruins yourself. From the remnants of Senate houses to towering arches and ancient hallowed temples such as the Temple of Caesar – the site of Caesar cremation.
You don’t have to miss visiting the Colosseum because of the long tour lines!
Skip the Lines and Enjoy an Interesting Guided Tour!

Why choose our tour?

We create the Skip the Line Colosseum Tours with a single premise, and that is to give you unrivaled access to the Colosseum as you see fit. Our tour allows you to save time as you skip the lines and get fast access to the Palatine Hill, Roman Forum and the Colosseum itself. In addition, we hire the best local guide that also speak English.

As a result, you will always receive professional information from local tour guides that have a lot of experience in the industry. They also know everything there is to know about the Colosseum and the surrounding establishments too, so you can rely on them to provide you with the information you need.

Moreover, our tour also provides audio headsets. So even if you end up missing anything that the tour guide said, you can head to the headsets and listen to the explanations offered there.  This means the experience is personalized for each group. The tour guide will also reply to every question that you have. As a result the experience is very interactive and you get to learn a lot more when compared to a regular tour.

Gladiator Tours will save you the stress of queuing on the waiting line for endless hours and sail you right into the Group Rezervation Entrance in 5 minutes. We will help you escape the crowd and skip every line during the tour, as you will be using a special entrance, not the general access entrance.


The Colosseum was first drafted by Emperor Vespasian in the 2nd Century AD. Although his plan was inspired by a classical Greek theater, he made the Colosseum grander by placing two theaters back to back, creating a center oval stage surrounded by the audiences’ seats, and placing the backstage underground. The magnificent marble-clad amphitheater was inaugurated in 80 AD, and although now in ruins, it still looks spectacular. 

Palatine Hill

The Palatine Hill is a lush peak strategically positioned to overlook the Tiber River. It is believed to be the cradle of Rome – a place where the first Romans lived, and later on, it became the location for numerous opulent buildings where the aristocrats and the monarchs lived. 

Roman Forum

The Roman Forum was the political hub of Rome, from where the entire Roman Empire was ruled. It served as some sort of central hub or capital where all Romans, including bankers, lawyers and artisans went about their daily activity. Also present were temples and basilicas.

The meeting point for this tour will be in our office located in Via di S. Giovanni in Laterano, 14, 00184, ROME.
( 5 minutes walking from Colosseum)
Notice : we recommend all our customers to arrive at the meeting point with at least 15 minutes before tour starts to avoid any unnecessary complications.


Does your Skip the Line Colosseum Tour include entry fees?
Yes, the tour include entry fees to the Colosseum, the Palatine Hill, and the Roman Forum.

We will be able to bypass the long waiting lines?
Yes, our Skip the Line Colosseum Tour works based on a rezervation with the group entrances at the Amphitheater that allows you to skip the long general access lines

How long is the Tour?

Since each experience is personalized for every group, we always make sure that you are happy with the duration. However, most of our tours will take around 1.5h hours, sometimes a bit more or less. But rest assured that these will be 1.5 hours full of history, information and some rather amazing sights for you to check out. If you are a fan of history in general, you will find the Skip the Line Colosseum Tours to be very distinct and among some of the best that you can find out there.

We strive to make the Skip the Line Colosseum Tours very informative. There’s no room for boredom with these tours. Instead you always get to have fun and you can learn new stuff almost every minute. That alone shows the true attention to detail, value and quality that we provide with each one of our tours.

Also, our Skip the Line Colosseum Tours have a very competitive price. This means you get to skip the line, visit these amazing locations with a small group and do a variety of other activities without paying a premium price. That means the results are always amazing, and you will be more than amazed with the value and quality that we provide here. Get in touch with us now to book your tour or any additional information, we will gladly assist!

The tour lasts for about 2 hours. 1 hour guided tour of the Colosseum and 45 minutes of the Palatine Hill.

 Do you Offer Private Tours?
Yes, we offer private tours that cover the whole archeological area.

 Where will I meet the Tour Group?
The tour group leaves from the agency, so you can meet us there. Directions to the exact location will be communicated to you. 

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