Interesting Facts About Italy

Italy is a spectacular place for many famous arts and architectures, the most iconic sights, and very popular food dishes. This country has uncountable interesting facts which are very enjoyable. Here, provided below are the top 35 most interesting facts about Italy in 8 categories (Culture, History, Superstitions, Food, Law, Language, Sports, and traveling Sights) which are sure to surprise you. 

Interesting facts about Italy’s culture

The art, music, architecture, food, and family – all these things will surely get you attached to the Italian culture. This country is the homeland of the Roman Empire, the Roman Catholic Church and the main center of the Renaissance that has been growing over Europe for centuries. Take a look below at some of the interesting facts about Italy’s culture.

  • The first interesting fact is about the name of Italy. First names in Italy end in –o for men and -a for women.
  • Italian citizens are very respectful and humble towards their elders. In Italy, always remember to stand when someone older than you enters the room.
  • Some of the worlds most demanded designers such as Prada, Armada, and Versace all hail from no other than Italy.
  • Italians are tremendously expressive people! So if you see your Italian neighbor trying to explain something with a lot of hand gestures, don’t be surprised. Italians also have a tendency of being a tiny bit late.
  • Be sure to make an unforgettable first impression on Italians! First impressions matter a lot to the people, so politeness and respect are an absolute must.

Interesting facts about Italy’s Superstitions

 The wonderful place, Italy is a home to so many strange and interesting superstitions which are still used by Italians today. Below are shared some interesting superstitions for you.

  • According to Italian culture, the number 17 (Roman XVII) is highly unlucky! The number is commonly linked with death, a result of which is that hotel rooms do not have the seventeenth floor.
  • A small horn-like symbol known as the corincello charm is thought to protect Italians from the evil eye.
  • It is a widespread Italian superstition that placing a hat on a bed is a sign of bad luck. Italian priests use the gesture when visiting the dying to give them their last rights.
  • Brushing over an Italian’s feet with a broom is a sign that means he or she will never get married.

Interesting facts about Italy’s Food

In Italy, food symbolizes a new beginning and maintaining ties with friends and family. The amazing thing is that any person can’t leave home without taking food and drink. Pasta was commonly a part of the meal in all regions, along with soup, bread, and possibly fish or meat. The interesting facts about Italy’s food are :

  • Did you know that Italy is the largest exporter of wine in the whole world? Well, it is!
  • Moreover, Italy is also the second largest manufacturer of wine in the world, only a small step below France.
  • Bread and pasta are consumed in huge amounts by Italians. Italians eat an estimated half-pound of bread a day on a daily basis and roughly 70 whole pounds of pasta (per person) each year.
  • Bread has a lot of uses in Italy. When out for a meal, bread is always served with a course, not as an appetizer, but to finish the remaining sauce on the plate with.
  • Need some extra dressing for your salad? In Italy other than olive oil, any other salad dressing is entirely unacceptable.
  • There is a reason Italy is known as the kingdom of pasta! From Cappelletti to Cavetelli, over 140 different kinds of pasta are available; some of these are only native to that specific place.

Interesting facts about Italy’s History

Italy contains a long and great history. The first major power in the Italian peninsula is the Etruscans. This country was first joint politically under the Romans in 90B.C.E. You can enjoy many interesting facts about Italy’s history, such as

  • The capital city of Rome is almost 3,000 years old;
  • This beautiful country boasts the 8th largest economy in the world.
  • Italy’s former currency was the Lira before it accepted the Euro.
  • The smallest country in the world is the Vatican city of Italy and it’s controlled by the Pope himself.
  • You have no idea about it, possibly! Italy is the 5th most visited country in the world. Amazingly this place is waiting to welcome 46 million foreign tourists yearly.
  • The most interesting and educational fact is for you. Italian’s flag is made with three colors which have special meaning. The green color represents hope, white a symbol of faith, and red stands for charity.
  • The Capital of Italy, Rome is also known as the Eternal City. Why you ask? According to Italian history, the ancient Romans were thought to believe that the fabulous city of Rome would last forever. When the Roman goddess Venus asked Jupiter about the future of her sons’ descendants, he replied to her answering, “I give them an empire without end.”
  • Buried in the necropolis (grottoes) of St. Peter’s Basilica, there resides over a hundred different tombs. Among them are ninety-one popes, the Holy Roman Emperor Otto II the Swedish Queen Christina and many more renowned figures throughout history.

Interesting facts about Italy’s Law

You need to know about Italy’s law before going on a holiday. Do you know in Milan, it is illegal to not smile? It is also an offense to enter or bathe in public fountains! Italy has many interesting and strange laws like these. Take a look below where there are given the most interesting facts about Italy’s Law.

  • Own a pooch in the city of Turin? Well, according to Italian law, residents of Turin must walk their dog at least three times a day or run the risk of being fined.
  • Once upon a time, it was illegal to die in the Italian town Falciano del Massico in Campania… the town’s cemetery was full.
  • There also exists an Italian beach (Eraclea on the Venetian Lido) where it is against the law to create sandcastles!
  • Remember to not eat or drink in Italy while sitting on church steps or inside a church courtyard – unless you want to pay a fine, that is.

Interesting facts about Italy’s Language

If you can speak Italian language, it can give you access to the world of over 64 million native speakers from Rome to Milan to Sicily to San Marino. The official language of Italy is Italian and 93% of residents are native Italian speakers. You can get more interesting facts below about Italy.

  • Do you know about letters in the Italian alphabet? However, I can’t wait to tell that the Italian alphabet doesn’t have J, K, W. X AND Y letters. So, there are 21 letters only in the standard Italian alphabet.
  • The Italian language is the closest to Latin from of all the Romance languages.
  • It is really interesting, many musical terms of this country are written in the Italian language. Because early composers from the Renaissance era were Italian.

Interesting facts about Italy’s Sports 

Italy is famous for various sports such as bike rides, volleyball league, football, and others. The country has many fun and interesting facts on sports, such as:

  • Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati and Alfa Romeo are the most popular Italian sports car brands worldwide.
  • Italy has hosted the Olympics in1956, 1960, and 2006 that are three times.
  • This amazing country has won the World cup 4 times and the most World Cup wins second to Brazil.
  • The three most famous bike rides in Europe is hosted in Italy, “Giro d’Italia” (Tour of Italy).
  • Surprisingly, the Italian Volleyball League is one of the most popular and capable leagues in the world. Also, this sport is very common in Italy.

Interesting facts about Italy’s nature

You can explore some of the world’s most fascinating sceneries and landscapes in Italy which are spread around the country as natural beauty. Italy is packed with natural wonders which will make you speechless.

  • The country with the most UNESCO World Heritage sites is Italy with a grand total of 51.
  • This fact is for mountain lovers! The highest mountain peak in the Alps and Western Europe is Monte Bianco (White Mountain) which has height 15,780 feet (Approximate). 


There are many more interesting and fun facts as well about Italy which won’t complete in a list. However, here given all the top facts to inspire and help you making an awesome holiday to Italy. A tip for you! If you want to know more facts about Italy on your trip, then it will be a good idea taking some Italian lessons to communicate easily with the local people.

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