VIP Rome Colosseum & Ancient Rome Tour

25 Max People


2h 30min


Description of our VIP Colosseum Tour

Get the scenic view of ancient Rome on GladiatorTours’ exclusive half-day VIP Roman Colosseum and Ancient Rome Tour. This tour takes you right from the birth of Rome at the Palatine Hill to the remarkably well-preserved heart of Rome — the Roman Forum. And, most importantly, you will visit the great architectural icon of Rome: the mighty Colosseum. If this interests you, you may also like to check out the rest of our Colosseum tours and our range of Rome tours.

English-speaking Rome Colosseum tour guide

Our expert English speaking guide will accompany you into the Colosseum and guide you through every spot of this monumental attraction. Once you walk into the great Amphitheatre, the guide will paint a vivid picture of what the Colosseum was like in its heyday, with all the bloody details of its past. Your guide will help you understand the in-depth history of the Colosseum, the life of a gladiator in Ancient Rome, and the creation of Rome by visiting the Palatine Hill, where you will take a moment to marvel at the astonishingly well-preserved ruins of the Roman Forum.

We will begin our Ancient Rome tour at the Colosseum and then move down towards Palatine Hill and, finally, guests will be able to extend their visit into the Roman Forum while viewing the picturesque scenery along the way. If you’re looking for the quintessential Ancient Rome experience, GladiatorTours has you covered! If you have any questions about our VIP Rome Colosseum tour, please get in touch.

  • Fast Track Access
  • Entry fees included
  • Complete Ancient City Tour
  • Professional Tour Guide
  • 2h & 30 min. Live Tour
  • Semi-large group up to 25 ppl
  • Headsets included
Adults ( 18+ years )46 €
Children ( 7 – 18 years )34 €
Children ( – 7 years )Free
From 10:30 – to 16:00Daily
Each 1st Sunday of the monthCLOSED
1st Jan, 1st May, 25th DecemberCLOSED
  • Roman Colosseum
  • Roman Forum
  • Palatine Hill

The entry inside the Colosseum will be made via the Fast Track tickets and will require security check to be made in order to visit the monument.

NOTICE: In extreme cases even our group entry can be delayed due to the Amphitheather’s intense security checks.

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