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Colosseum Experience
Colosseum Experience

LAST MINUTE Rome Colosseum Skip-the-Line Tour 25 Max People Instant Confirmation 1h 45min 35€/Adult BOOK NOW – LIMITED OFFER Rome Colosseum Tour Description Explore Ancient Rome’s ultimate legacy, the Colosseum, with an expert tour guide. Enjoy skip-the-line access to the … Read More

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Colosseum Immersion
Colosseum Immersion

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Colosseum, Palatine Hill and Roman Forum entrance with accompany service
Colosseum, Palatine Hill and Roman Forum entrance with accompany service

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Colosseum Gladiators Arena Tour
Colosseum Gladiators Arena Tour

ENQUIRY FORM ONLY Colosseum Arena Guided Tour 25 Max People TOP RATED 1h 45min 45€/Adult BOOK NOW – LIMITED OFFER Tour Description The Gladiators Arena Tour is an exclusive experience in the Ancient Rome. All the participants in the tour … Read More

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Colosseum Underground Tour
Colosseum Underground Tour

ENQUIRY FORM ONLY Colosseum Underground Tour 25 Max People TOP RATED 2h 30min 75€/Adult BOOK NOW – LIMITED OFFER Tour Description The Colosseum Underground Tour is our most exclusive package in the Eternal City covering a complete visit into the … Read More

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Rome’s most precious landmark, the elliptical amphitheater is built from concrete and stone and was originally capable of seating 80,000 spectators. Colosseum housed animal fights, theatrical re-enactments as well as the historical gladiator combats of Rome. 

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While in Rome, do not miss the opportunity to visit the Ancient City: Palatine Hill & Roman Forum, one of the most important archaeological site in the world. A must see attraction while visiting Colosseum and its surroundings.


At Gladiator Tours, we strive to give you the most spectacular tours that will engage, educate and entertain you. Our guide will dazzle you with enthralling tales of gruesome gladiator fights that will transport you to ancient Rome. 
A tour of the Colosseum with our guides will help you debunk the popular myths and separate legend from history. After the Colosseum guided tour, there will be a short break to allow you catch your breath; then the tour will resume again with the Palatine Hill. The Palatine Hill is the cradle of Rome, and our guide will answer all your questions about the first settlers, the twins – Romulus and Remus, and their adoptive wolf mother. Please note for the VIP & Underground tours it includes aswell a guided visit inside of the Roman Forum.

Known as the greatest work of Roman architecture as well as engineering, the only roman Colosseum which is the largest amphitheater of the world.
The Colosseum was first drafted by Emperor Vespasian in the 1st Century AD. Although his plan was inspired by a classical Greek theater, he made the Colosseum grander by placing two theaters back to back, creating a center oval stage surrounded by the audiences’ seats, and placing the backstage underground.
The magnificent marble-clad amphitheater was inaugurated in 80 AD, and although now in ruins, it still looks spectacular.

If you love the sound of our Colosseum Tours, contact us for getting your tour booked and have the time of your life in the Ancient Rome!

The Arena Floor of Colosseum has been the battlefield for the most amazing gladiatorial fights & theatrical reenactments in the history. 
During our Colosseum Tours, the ones with the access to the Arena, you will have the opportunity to spend 10 minutes where once the gladiators were fighting in most cases untill death to entertain romans. This is a priviledged tour since the access will be through the “back-door” of the Colosseum benefiting of an instant entry, skipping all the lines and you will be able to spend your time on the Arena beeing surrounded only by our professional tour guide and the rest of the group you’ll be assigned. 
After the Arena will follow a tour inside the Colosseum & after a short break the tour will continue by visiting aswell the Forum & the Palatine Hill.

The Palatine Hill is a lush peak strategically positioned to overlook the Tiber River. It is believed to be the cradle of Rome – a place where the first Romans lived, and later on, it became the location for numerous opulent buildings where the aristocrats and the monarchs lived.

Palatine Hill was known to be the commercial, political as well as the religious center of ancient Rome and is the most popular among the Seven Hills of Rome. The city from atop this hill gets a view of the age-old Forum Romano, from a height of almost 130 ft. So, enjoy and admire the scenic views of the Forum and Nero’s Circus Maximus from the hill. You can access different sites only on foot as the path is a bit bumpy with stones from the ancient Rome period.

Forum Romano dates back to 7th century BC when it was first developed to be a marketplace. The place used to be a marshland once but has been gradually drained to convert it into a hub of the city’s economic and political activities.

Today, it still presents an amazingly well-preserved picture of its originality and has become the social, political as well as commercial heart of the empire. On one of the paths, you can encounter basilicas, remnants of temples, and government buildings. Marvel at the eight columns of the Temple of Saturn and the magnificent Arch of Septimius Severus made out of white marble. Also, visit the Curia Julia to see where the Senate used to conduct affairs of the state.

The underground of the Colosseum was used as a backstage before performances took place. For tourists, they can only access the area through the back entrance. Major architectural changes have been done to preserve the area and also make it more appealing to the public. 
Tourists are able to see the cell in which the animals were kept before being hoisted up to the ground floor. This was done by the use of a capstan (cross-shaped vertical winch) would be pushed by men as they walked in a circle This is the same process that was used to hoist gladiators to the stage and the onlookers would see as if they appeared out of nowhere. However, large animals used the main gate as the entrance as they were too heavy to be hoisted up.